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At M D Joinery we only manufacture Rehau 70mm windows, doors, and conservatories to order. We have been manufacturing Rehau upvc windows and doors since 1991 and feel that we supply a top quality frame not to mention a back up and technical department that will not be matched by any other fabricator in the area.

All our manufacturing staff are trained by Rehau, and our factory is regularly checked by Rehau technical division to make sure that all our manufacturing is carried out using the correct methods and using the correct reinforcing. Unlike other larger frame suppliers most of our manufacturing process is still done by human hand, this means that each item manufactured is done so with care and an attention to detail that can not be matched by large fabricators or companies who simply middle man the supply chain.

The industry at this moment in time is in severe decline, this is because companies have set up to manufacture anything from 2000 – 15,000 items a week. This has meant that fabricators have been flooding the market place with cheap windows but unfortunately for them the demand has now dropped off and they are struggling to fill there capacity, this is now leading to many of them having to either close down (in some cases re-opening the following week as a new name, but with the same faces behind the counter) or review their working practises and having to put up costs or start charging for services that were once included.

M D Joinery has been a Rehau approved fabricator since 1991 and have not gone down the road off mass production. We feel very strongly about how a manufacturing business should be operated, by this we mean that if you don’t have any background in the window manufacturing industry then you should not be involved in it. As simple as that. We don’t employ sales staff and our company is not run by accountants, just local people who have a great depth of knowledge in the upvc window industry. We offer a top quality product that is backed up by a level of service that will not be beaten by any larger fabricator or middle man trade supplier. We have the latest up to date machinery and the best technical staff in the North West. We can offer in depth advice that relates to both the manufacturing process and current building regulations, so we can offer you competent advice on fire egress, ventilation requirements, disabled access, safety glazing etc.

We have manufactured windows for many local builders, DIY customers, Premier Inn hotels, Housing associations, ICI, builders merchants, timber suppliers, local education authorities, to name but a few. We have customers that have been purchasing windows and doors from us for over 15 years, how many companies can say that and mean it? We don’t have accounts so all business is done on a COD basis, this means that we can keep cost down and it also helps you keep track of the budget for the particular job you are on so that you don’t get any unwanted invoices or statements, months after you have finished the job.

We supply Vertical sliders and in line sliding patio doors in upvc not to mention composite doors. We are a local fabricator who likes to supply regular customers on a regular basis with a good product for a fair price. It’s that simple no hype, no empty promises, just an honest service direct from the manufacturer. Our prices are constant all year round as we look to give our customers a fair deal all the time. We do not offer special one off deals when business is slack just to get you on board. We believe that our products are manufactured to a high standard and for this reason we do not try to compete with one off specials.

We would be more than happy for you to come and take a look round our factory to see for yourself the manufacturing process of our own windows and doors. If you would like to discuss any issues regarding our window or doors or even get a quotation then please give Lee or Michael a call as we are here to help you deliver your customers a better product.    

For more information please contact our factory by phone on Southport (01704) 229471, by fax on Southport (01704) 231114 or pay us a visit at 3 slaidburn Crescent, Southport, PR9 9YF.

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